Traer vs. Llevar

Traer vs. Llevar

My girlfriend just corrected me again so I'm writing this post to try to and remember the difference between traer and llevar.

Sleep Over Example

Here's my silly example of traer vs. llevar. I still need to practice but I hope this helps.

Two friends planned a sleepover and one has a video game and wants to bring it with.

One of the friends has the video game, and is bringing it to a new location.

The other friend, wants their friend to bring the video game with them.

"Traer" it with you from another location

"Podrias traer el video juego que me gusta?"

The friend wants the game to be "brought" and doesn't have it with him, so the verb is traer.

"Llevar" it to another location

"Si, lo llevo."

This friend has the video game, but will "bring" it with him, so the verb is llevar.