Spanish Cliff Notes: Part I

Just doing some review of the present tense regular. One example stood out to me.

Sometimes the present tense is used to describe something in the near future.

Este verano, viajo a Alemania. I will travel to Germany this summer.

Historical Present

There is also something called the historical present.

En 1969 el primer hombre llega a la luna.

Hypothetical Actions with "Si"

This is cool, I've wondered about this for a while because I've heard it this way, but it always seems like a good opportunity to use a conditional.

But adding the "si" lets me use a verb tense I'm much more comfortable with.

Si llega el tren, salimos.

Possible Consequences

This one stinks. It's a past tense reference, followed by a present tense response.

Sacó la pistola, y casi me mata.

Stuff from the past until today

"Hace" + expression of time + "que" + present tense

Hace 5 años que esperamos. another form but same concept

Esperamos haces 5 años.

More practice since this is often used.

  1. Hace una semana que ___ .
  2. Desde hace un año que ___.
  3. Hace diez días ___.
  4. Desde hace un año, no ___.
  5. Hace tres meses ___.